Concrete seems to be everywhere in  home design from kitchen counter-tops to bathtubs, even living room floors. Joe and I are fans partly because it’s not granite and because concrete can be surprisingly beautiful. It seems to wear well over time and it comes in a multitude of subtle colors. We’re thinking of using it in the kitchen and/or bathrooms. We would likely try to pour it ourselves but that is time consuming and I’m sure there’s a bit of a learning curve. That said, there are some alternatives to concrete such as Syndecrete.

Syndecrete claims to be half the weight of concrete and twice as strong. It is sold in pre-cast pieces and shipped directly to you. I have heard the latter can cause this otherwise affordable alternative to become quite pricey – although you’ve lucked out if you live in southern California, where it’s produced.

If anyone has used Syndecrete before, please give us your feedback. Learn more about Syndecrete here.