Joe and I have officially begun the design phase of our project, which means we’re looking for other renovation projects that catch our eye and pouring through old Dwell magazines. Soon, Joe will be roughing out our living space in Google Sketch-up to help us visualize the space (check back for that post). At some point we will likely involve an architect to consult and help us draw up the final plan but for now we’re doing it the old-fashioned way.

One renovation project, that is only a neighborhood away, caught our eye recently. It was featured in San Francisco’s 7×7 magazine and featured the Bernal Heights home of Todd Lappin (former Wired editor) and his wife, Nicole Avril.

The house was described by Avril as ‘scientific-industrial modernism,’ which aptly describes the home’s flight theme. They did a wonderful job finding artifacts such as vintage beverage carts, naval details, and even a piece of a 707 fuselage. It’s an incredibly unique home and it’s one of the more interesting renovations I’ve seen in a while.

Make sure to read the article but skip ahead to the video, which is basically a tour by the home owners. Read the entire article and see the video here.

Also, you can get an even better sense the house on Todd’s flickr set here.




Photography was lifted from the 7×7 article linked above and is courtesy of Kee Photography.