Here is a great article in the NY Times about a truly tiny renovation both regarding the square footage and the budget. Mark Robohm rehabbed a 400 square foot Chelsea studio apartment that he bought in 2001, during a lull in the real estate market following September 11th. Amazingly, his renovations topped out at $11,600 (note $1,800 for the kitchen). Read the entire article to get all of the details but I’d like to point out Mark’s tips on saving money during a renovation:

• Recycle building supplies (this one is easy and it cuts down on your waste removal costs)

• Check out hardware stores, yard sales, and Ebay (I’m adding Craigs list too – which is arguably most helpful)

• Consider cheap substitutes (they are not always ugly)

• Inhabit your renovation (Joe and I have that taken care of)

Read the entire article here

Photos courtesy of Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times, Article by Joyce Wadler