Welcome to 2008 everyone. We took an unexpected hiatus from posting to the blog, mostly because we’ve both been so busy with our respective jobs and not doing much with the house. We’re back up and running now so check back for new posts every week.

Last weekend Joe and I visited the Sunset House in the Mission district of San Francisco. Aside from the steep entry fee ($20 each) it was worth checking out the house. There were some interesting elements we really liked and a few we didn’t. For instance, we liked the automatic blinds which rolled down through the ceiling, the bi-folding doors and windows, as well as the clever use of storage throughout the house. But surprisingly the house itself was not finished well – it seemed hastily put together. However, it’s great this house is open to the public and others in our situation can learn a thing or two about materials, resources, and processes involved in green design.

Read more about the Sunset house here or check out our photos of the house on Flickr.

dsc_0407.JPG dsc_0344.JPG

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