Whether you’re in need of more storage in your kitchen or want to install a library for your books a wine box shelf may be a good (and cheap) solution.

Joe and I have needed more storage in our make-shift kitchen for some time. Pots, pans, and plates can be found stacked on our desks or our washing machine with no real home until now. We’re still arguing on who’s original idea this was (because we think it’s a good one) but ultimately we collaborated to create this inexpensive and fun shelf. We both think this works well in a kitchen or could be a fun shelf for a children’s bedroom or living room.

We found the boxes at Scrap SF. They were $3 each. Joe tells me the fasteners were about .30 cents each and we used an ikea steel bar that we had already owned (I think they cost about $7). In all, this is an extremely cheap shelf to make and I saw Joe put it together in about an hour or less. I’ll get more details from him tonight on exact production if you’re interested in making on for yourself. The total cost was under $20!

Let us know what you think!