My husband is very opinionated. Especially when it comes to products – any kind of product – from toothbrushes to space ships. Therefore, I (usually) listen when he recommends something and since it’s rare that he does, I thought I’d share it with you.

After hearing me complain for many months about how much I hated winding up our hose to water our plants, Joe went on the hunt for a well made hose reel we could use, well…forever. We really didn’t want to buy a cheap one only to replace it in a few years when the house is finished. He found a great one in no time, made by company in Nebraska called RapidReel. Most importantly, the hose is no longer strewn all over our garage.

Here’s his review:

If you’re in the market for a hose reel, you must buy this one (or one from this manufacturer – they have different configurations).

Yes, it’s more expensive than other hose reels. it will also last forever, and using it is just SO satisfying. Anyone who’s ever used a crappy plastic hose reel that dries out in the sun and cracks apart after one summer knows how dissatisfying products in this category can be.

I’m sometimes critical of product designs. Yes, i know – tough to believe. This is the first product i’ve purchased, assembled, and used in a very long time where i thought to myself that i probably would not change a single thing about the design, choice of materials, or manufacturing processes. Frankly, i’m surprised it’s not significantly more expensive. From what i can tell, it’s a family-owned US company that just decided to do this type of product really, really well. I think they’ve succeeded.

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