I’ll confess I saw this on Oheedoh (apartment therapy’s kids’ edition) but I had to highlight it as well. Studiomama a London-based designer named Nina Tolstrup designs furniture and spaces. I love the Kids’ House (show below). It includes a sleepy area, lego wall, and exterior blackboard wall. I built forts of all kinds as a kid and would love to a the lucky kid who get’s to rule this mini-house. If Joe and I had 1) a kid and 2) more space, I’m sure we’d build something fun like this.

If you’re as intrigued as I was, check out Studiomama’s Beach House as well as her furniture. The pallet chairs are lovely and ironic. The Happy Family chair series is a funny ode to Goldilocks.

Kids’ House

Pallet chair

Happy Family Chairs

Studiomama in her studio