Hello there. We took quite a long hiatus from the blog. I’m happy to say though that last Fall (2011) we had permits issued and this week construction started again on our house. We are excited and a little scared.

Please join us again for some updates on our progress and hopefully some DIY projects as well as resources. Also, please forgive some of the old blog posts for not looking very pretty. I’m slowly fixing them.

Finally, I’m obsessing over bathtubs and kitchen design. It will be a while until we start finishes but apparently I need to make some decisions. Take a look at my pinboards here and here. Got a favorite bathtub you want to recommend? Send it my way.

See you soon!

images // 1. detritus from the back of the house 2. our old office and bedroom saying hello to the elements 3. Joe on a pile of wood in the garage