I’m obsessing a bit over facade palettes. We’ve been pretty focused on getting the construction started and therefore haven’t put a ton of thought into the facade. We need to make some quick decisions.

We love the warmth of wood. It’s a big theme throughout our house but it’s rather hard to balance that with the cooler palette we prefer. The facade will inform the rest of the material choices including the pocket park and rear siding so we had better start making decisions.

// Photography by Laure Joliet found via The Brick House

// Looking for this credit, unknown.

We’ll likely have a mix of stucco and wood and probably a steel door. I should have a materials and palette board together in the next few weeks. In the meantime I’m playing with this warm/cool palette idea. It’s a difficult balance. Any thoughts?

COLOR PALETTE HOW-TO: I use Colour Lovers to create palettes. It’s simple. Just open an image in Photoshop and select the eyedropper tool. Choose the most dominant colors in the image and work your way to the lightest. Voila. If you don’t have Photoshop this site let’s you upload without it.