As you know we’ve been living in the Mission during our renovation project. While I love this little adventure of experiencing a new neighborhood (especially all the flat streets and gallery openings) I am missing our neighborhood just a bit. It’s silly because we’re surrounded by great coffee and restaurants here in the Mission. We’re just around the corner from Coffee Bar, Universal Cafe, Flour & Water, and more so I really shouldn’t complain.

Mostly I’m missing the morning walks to Farleys or Piccino (pictured above) for coffee. There are several coffee shops in the neighborhood but we usually patronize either of these places. When I meet new people on the hill I always ask them where they drink coffee. It’s usually geographical because our hills can be brutal depending on what part of the hill you’re on but some neighbors are rather political in their choice. I like them both. Farleys is warm and fuzzy – not really the baristas but the community feel there. It’s a Potrero Hill staple and really anchors the neighborhood for me. It’s been around forever and they do all kinds of great things for the neighborhood like the Pet Parade and 4th of July fireworks. They also have a killer magazine collection. Piccino is more upscale with really good coffee but pricey and no where really to sit. However, the baristas know us by name and the morning buns give Tartine’s a run for their money.

Are you familiar with Potrero Hill and Dogpatch? Do you live here? Which coffee shop do you patronize? I’m writing a little something up about restaurants and will share that soon but in the meantime I thought I’d share some info on our grocery stores.


Good Life Grocery, This is one of my favorite places in the neighborhood solely because it has most everything you would typically need for dinner. The staff is very nice and many of them have been around for several years. I normally walk to get  my groceries which I love and I go often. I only wish they had fresh charcuterie and more cheeses but other than that this little grocery store is perfect.

Whole Foods, No need to elaborate on this but I will say that Joe and I often eat at their cafe. They just re-opened with some basic yummy dishes and beer. You can eat quickly and get out of there without stressing out about the bill or waiting very long.

Olivier’s Butchery, I am so happy this opened in our neighborhood. Sometimes you just need something a bit more special than what you can find at the meat-counter at your regular grocery store. Plus they often have seasonal meat specialties. I just pre-ordered some rabbits for a Spring ragú. 

Gluten Free Grocery, I haven’t been here yet but it’s been highly recommended by a few of my gluten-free friends and neighbors.

While I’m on the neighborhood topic here’s one amazing video on the making of a paper-cut map of San Francisco by Familie Summerbelle. It’s seriously so magical. Watch it.


p.s. It was rainy all week so other than the upstairs subfloor going in and some more structural glu-lams going up and puncturing our facade (on purpose) we have nothing new to report. I was hoping we ducked the rain this year but it looks like we’ll have more this week. I’ve got some film coming back from the lab and will share some more images soon.