Joe has an amazing ability to visualize space. I unfortunately do not. As we walk through the construction site I keep exclaiming, “Wow this is bigger/smaller/longer/different/better than I imagined.” Joe just rolls his eyes because the space has been in his head for years. Thankfully, he is patient with me and super helpful.

For instance, we’ve been trying to pick a simple, well-designed, modern bathtub. We have about seven feet in which to fit the tub. We’re going with a freestanding variety, most likely acrylic, with a floor-mounted faucet – (although I would love a real Japanese Ofuro like one of these). Joe used masking tape on our floor to show me the exact dimensions of the exterior wall, window, and the approx. tub size. It was infinitely helpful to see this in person. The tub we like would fit easily in the space and would still allow for room on either side for shelves, towel stand, etc.

Unfortunately, the wooden Ofuro tubs are out of our budget but a girl can still dream, right? Below are some of my favorites varieties of the Ofuro plus a few acrylic ones as well. I also spotted this, Do-It_Yourself Ofuro for $100.

..and just a few more. If you want to know the brand or find the original source go over to my Pinterest boards and take a look. I try to give that info whenever I have it. Apologies in advance if it’s not there.