Here are a few recent images to catch you up on our progress. See the descriptions below.

This architectural glu-lam beam will be exposed in our kitchen. It marks the transition from ~11 foot ceiling at the entrance to ~8.5 foot ceilings to the living room (despite it being one big room). I really want to go back over the lighting plan. I think it will need a little tweaking.

Joe checking out the beam. It won’t be exposed on this side unfortunately.

This is a view of the back of the house (facing West). Joe’s walking through the living room. We changed the patio deck dimensions after seeing it dug out. We’ve been wanting to preserve as much of our (tiny) yard as possible.

This is the future office and hallway (on your way into the kitchen/living room). All of that old concrete was removed and it was re-poured.

The sun is coming up (we go to the house pretty early in the morning most days). I’m standing in the office.

Standing on the 2nd level (master bedroom) facing West looking at the old part of the house which will be retained for the most part. Eventually two bedrooms and a bath will be on that side of the house.

I love this Plum tree not only for the delicious fruit it produces but because it’s so pretty this time of year. It’s now a prominent feature and you can see it from our bathtub and 2nd level deck.

Standing in what will be one of the 3 bedrooms. To my immediate left we’ll have a 2nd level outdoor area that we’ve been calling a ‘pocket park’. All three bedrooms will have immediate access to the outdoors.

Looking down into the office and kitchen/dining from the 2nd level pocket park. This will be open on all three sides and it has a skylight just above to help bring all of our afternoon light back into the darkest part of the house.

Check back soon! This week the 2nd level has started to take shape; the master bedroom and bath have been framed and the crew is moving towards the older part of the house.


• We’re liking this type of door for our entrance.

• Our friends MackieLove always have the prettiest stuff in their house. Check out Lezlie’s Easter Tree.

• I just took a bookbinding class at San Francisco Center for the Book. It was great and I hope to take a few more classes before the year is up. Check out their workshops here.