Hello there! I hope you’re staying warm wherever you may be. The US is experiencing a frigid Winter. I only feel a little bit guilty that it’s in the 60s here in San Francisco and I’ve been in the garden all week.

I’m cheating a bit with the name of this project. It can only loosely be called a DIY because I bought the clever letter frame at Flora Grubb Gardens here in San Francisco (you can buy one here). I had a gift certificate (thanks Tyler & Melanie) and I couldn’t resist buying one when I saw the stack of letters and numbers just waiting to be planted full of succulents. If you have the time, some extra wood lying around, and a few tools you could easily make a letter frame for yourself and skip the expense. I took the easy way out.

Once you have the letter frame there are only a few quick steps:


1) Soak the moss with water so it’s easier to maneuver when planting the succulents, mine was a bit dry after being neglected in the sun too long.

2) Buy or harvest an array of small-sized succulents (I found my at Flowercraft in San Francisco and they were affordably priced). I chose a monochromatic palette of succulents with varying textures and then a few pops of soft yellows and bright greens. I bought approx nine tiny succulents, three slightly larger containers of Spanish moss, and three larger succulents (but those were still quite small).


3) Carefully peel apart each succulent to reveal even smaller pieces for planting, remove as much soil as you can. I hope the Scottish moss below thrives with the succulents. It might not do well but in the meantime it looks pretty.



4) Create a hole in the moss with your finger or a wooden stick. I used the handle-end of a long wooden spoon.

5) Gently push roots in to the opening and tuck succulent in to frame. Be careful not to break the succulent from it’s roots.


This was a really easy and quick project. I think the planting took me about 30 minutes. I had lots of extra bits of succulent leaves that I pushed back into the leftover soil with hopes that they will sprout for me. I have a larger, wall-mounted succulent planter that I can’t wait to work on as well.

Let me know if you try this project and how it turns out!

Photography credit: © 2014 Sarah Hebenstreit for House & Fig