Five years ago we bought an old house in San Francisco with a fig tree. We tore the walls down but kept the tree. Months turned into years - very cold years - but we are finally putting the house back together. Thanks for visiting.

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morning coffee & grocery

morning coffee & grocery

As you know we’ve been living in the Mission during our renovation project. While I love this little adventure of experiencing a new neighborhood (especially all the flat streets and gallery openings) I am missing our neighborhood just a bit. It’s silly because we’re surrounded by great coffee and restaurants here in the Mission. We’re...

a few quick finds

I’m posting a few local finds from The Apartment and some vintage pins bought at X-21 Modern in the Mission. I wish we had room for a few of these things, especially the locker. It would make for a nice place to display an awesome show collection. $1 each vintage locker, $375, The Apartment tall...

sunset house

Welcome to 2008 everyone. We took an unexpected hiatus from posting to the blog, mostly because we've both been so busy with our respective jobs and not doing much with the house. We're back up and running now so check back for new posts every week...

Inhabitat holiday party tonight… is one of my favorite blogs about sustainability in architecture and home design. Joe and I are headed to their holiday party tonight. If you’re in San Francisco, there’s still time to RSVP. If you’re not SF, at least you can read the blog. It’s an excellent resource. More about the party here.

‘scientific-industrial’ architecture in Bernal Heights

Joe and I have officially begun the design phase of our project, which means we're looking for other renovation projects that catch our eye, rummaging through our stack of old Dwell magazines, and soon Joe will be throwing our current layout...

Farley’s pet parade

One of our absolute favorite events in Potrero Hill is Farley's annual pet parade. I couldn't tell you how long Roger, the owner of Farley's coffee has been putting on the event but it's pretty wonderful and ridiculous to witness.

modern gardening with flora grubb

Joe and are lucky to live about a mile from Flora Grubb Gardens. We've been there about five times since they opened earlier this summer and it's well worth the visit; if not for the inspiring design of both the gardens and the architecture, go for the coffee.

welcome to houseandfig…

In August of 2007, my husband of exactly 45 days and I purchased a very old, very dirty house in San Francisco. This blog will document the process of us attempting to transform it into a place we can call home.