Five years ago we bought an old house in San Francisco with a fig tree. We tore the walls down but kept the tree. Months turned into years - very cold years - but we are finally putting the house back together. Thanks for visiting.

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$10 DIY One Hour Upcycled Firepit

$10 DIY One Hour Upcycled Firepit

Happy weekend to you. Yesterday Joe and I wanted to do a fun and quick project for the house. We thought a firepit would be fun but didn’t like the looks of the ones sold at Home Depot and this geometric firepit at DWR is out of our budget. Eventually, Joe will design his own...

sturdy hose reel

My husband is very opinionated. Especially when it comes to products – any kind of product – from toothbrushes to space ships. Therefore, I (usually) listen when he recommends something and since it’s rare that he does, I thought I’d share it with you. After hearing me complain for many months about how much I...