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What Is a Succulent Wreath

If you have a collection of the world’s best mini succulents, then learning what a succulent wreath is can help you make the most out of them. Basically, it is an incredible and unique decoration for your apartment, home, or any other space. It consists of a wireframe that has sphagnum moss and a few succulent cuttings.

A succulent wreath, therefore, can show off the best qualities of your prized succulents. It can even help bring out the fascinating shape of Echeveria succulents and the beauty of all your premium rare succulents.

Benefits of Succulent Wreaths

What makes planting and cultivating hanging plants, specifically succulent wreaths, fascinating additions to your home? Here are some of its most fantastic benefits:

Integrates More Style Into Your Home

Generally, a succulent wreath is the perfect way for you to make your home as stylish and decorative as possible. It showcases the beauty and variety of your succulents. For instance, Haworthia succulents are so varied, so making the most unique and stylish succulent wreaths from them is possible.

Easy to Make

Yes, you can find succulent wreaths for sale in physical stores and online. However, note that making one on your own is also very satisfying as the process is actually easy. You can easily create one in your own home provided you gather the correct materials and stick to the instructions.


Another benefit of succulent wreaths is that they are long-lasting. You can expect them to live for up to five years. You can even prune them so you will have something to use in case you wish to plant another succulent wreath frame.

How Do Succulent Wreaths Work

How Do Succulent Wreaths Work

Succulent wreaths work by making your space look livelier than usual. You can make and grow one if you are looking for the perfect centerpiece for your home. It can bring out your creative side while brightening and livening up your home. What is even better about the succulents in your wreath project is that they are easy to maintain. You don’t even need to water them too often.

Pros and Cons of a Succulent Wreath


  • Adds style and life to your home.
  • Easy to make even on your own.
  • Can last for a long time.
  • Requires only minimal maintenance.
  • Has plenty of creative uses – among which are making it your centerpiece or hanging it on your wall.


  • Prone to burning when suddenly exposed to the sun after being indoors for a while. Note that direct sunlight can burn the leaves of the succulents in the wreath, so you have to make them adjust to the sun first when planning to put them outdoors.

Features of a Succulent Wreath


One admirable feature of the succulent wreath is its longevity. The lifespan of the succulent wreath from the moment you planted it is around one to five years. This will greatly depend on how well you care for the plant. There were even those who say that they were able to make their succulent wreaths last for up to ten years.


The succulent wreath is so versatile that it has a variety of uses. One use is as a decorative piece that you hang on your wall. Jelly bean succulents are ideal for beginners, and you can use them for your first succulent wreath project. It also serves as a great centerpiece. It can also be left flat on a surface where it can surely live.

Things You Need to Make a Succulent Wreath

Plant Selection

You can pick from a wide range of succulents in your collection. For instance, rose succulents can bring an extravagance in any garden, so they also work great when added to the wreath. Sedum succulents are hardy and easy to care for, too, so they make great choices. Basically, you will be needing:

  • Small plants. Around sixty small plants would suffice. Use various textures, colors, sizes, and forms to make your succulent wreath more interesting. It is also okay to utilize tiny pots composed of rooted succulents, like hens and chicks and sedums, as well as vining plants.
  • Cuttings. You can also use the cuttings of various plants and succulents. Gather around sixty of them, too. Ensure that the cuttings still come with short stems. The number of cuttings you need will be lesser in case the ones you have chosen are those of larger sizes.

Wire Wreath Form

Wire Succulent Wreath Form

It is also crucial to decide on the form of the wire wreath. It could be:

  • Old Style. This style makes use of an old frame made of two wire rings, a fishing line, soil, and sphagnum moss. Many still use this style at present but note that it has a few downsides – one is the fact that it is bulky and heavy. It is also prone to leaking regardless of how good you put everything together.
  • New Style. The new style is, of course, more reliable. It makes use of a premade frame and has one wire frame. It also comes with a nylon mesh sock that has sphagnum in it. You have to tie it to the frame. It would be better to use this one as it is more durable and lightweight.

Fishing Line or Floral Wire

This material is useful in holding the moss securely in place. Many like using the fishing line because it is invisible, making it possible for them to use plenty of it without the risk of damaging the aesthetic appeal of the wreath.

Sphagnum Moss

This is what you will be using to fill the wireframe of the succulent wreath.

Potting Soil

Of course, you will need potting soil to make the succulents in the wreath live. Make sure to choose properly draining succulent soil to prevent the succulents from absorbing too much moisture.


Note that a succulent wreath is not composed of artificial versions of real succulents. It has real plants, which is why it also needs an all-purpose fertilizer once in a while. It is what will nourish the plants within the wreath. Use only a quarter of the usual dosage of the fertilizer.


The plants in the wreath also need water, though, you have to be extra careful not to overwater them. Just do the watering every time the plants feel dry. The goal is to keep the moss moist without making it excessively wet. The usual watering routine is every four days to ten weeks. This will depend on the usual temperature in your place and the sunlight received by the plants.

Dowel or Pencil

You can use either of the two in poking holes in the moss.

Knife or Scissors

Either a knife or a pair of sharp scissors helps trim plants and make cuttings.

Floral Pins or Paper Clips

Use the pins or clips in securing the plants or keeping them in place when they start to root.

Hanging Chain and S Hooks

These items will let you hang the succulent wreath in any part of your home.

How to Make a Succulent Wreath

How to Make a Succulent Wreath Guide

Step 1 – Hydrate the moss

Note that the sphagnum moss is in the form of a dehydrated brick. To begin using it, check its packet for instructions on hydrating it. In most cases, it just involves soaking the moss in water for a few hours before actually starting the wreath project.

Step 2 – Mold the moss with a wireframe

Once hydrated, get tiny handfuls of it, then mold it atop the wire frame. Put on generous amounts of the moss as it will help create a solid base where the roots of your succulents can hold. A single mount of around 8 centimeters tall should be your target.

Step 3 – Use the fishing line when securing the moss

Just wrap it around the moss and frame. Continue tying it until the frame and moss become nice and secure. Keep it clean by tucking in loose and straggly pieces of the moss.

Step 4 – Prepare the succulents you intend to use

You may use cuttings that have the tips of the succulents. Alternatively, you may use rosettes. Combine various species as much as possible so that you can create the most unique and creative wreath.

Step 5 – Plant the succulents

Here, you will need to use a pencil or dowel to poke holes in the moss. You can then put the stems of the cuttings into the holes. Then, continue adding the plants to the holes until you have a full frame.

Step 6 – Wait for them to grow

What you should do is to let the succulent wreath you have made lay flat on a surface until you are one hundred percent sure that the cuttings are already well-rooted. This may take around four to six weeks. Water the plants regularly during this period. Never let them completely dry out.

Step 7 – Hang your wreath

Once the plants are already established, hang your succulent wreath in any place you want. You can put it on your favorite wall outdoors or lay it flat. It is also a fantastic table centerpiece.


How to Care for Your Succulent Wreath

Step 1 – Put your wreath in a partially shaded spot

Make sure that the succulent wreath stays in a partially shaded spot. By doing that, you have an assurance that the wreath will not dry out too fast.

Step 2 – Water regularly

However, you should do so only once you are sure that the soil is completely dry.

Step 3 – Prune regularly

This is necessary for encouraging new and healthy growth. Regular pruning is also the key to ensuring that the wreath continues to look nice while being densely covered.

Step 4 – Fertilize as needed

You may need to use fertilizer now and then to continue nourishing the plants. Just make sure to use the fertilizer only as directed.


Does More Spending Mean More Quality

No, you do not have to spend a substantial amount of money just to make your own succulent wreath. The reason is that succulents are in abundance. This means that you can find inexpensive yet very attractive succulent species that you can use for your decorative wreath project. Just combine different species and you will be able to produce a high-quality and fascinating succulent wreath without having to spend too much.

Do’s and Don’ts With a Succulent Wreath


  • Provide only sufficient water. Depending on exposure and the temperature in your area, watering the plants once every one to three weeks is already fine. Avoid overwatering them.
  • Nourish the succulents with fertilizer. Do it once every spring. Make sure that you are intentional when using the fertilizer. Also, ensure that the roots receive it because those are the parts of the plant that require the most nourishment.
  • Choose the perfect spot to hang the frame into. Of course, the best spot is that which has fresh air and filtered light to help increase the lifespan of the plants.


  • Do not hang your wreath in a place that exposes it to strong and direct sun. Slightly exposing it directly to the morning sun is okay but strong ones should be avoided. It will prevent the succulents from burning and their roots from drying out too quickly.
  • Do not mist or surface-spray the wreath. Note that it may only cause shallow rooting, thereby weakening the plants, so avoid it as much as possible.

FAQ About Succulent Wreaths

How long do succulent wreaths last?

Typically, they last for one to five years. Just make sure to give them proper care and attention so they will get to reach that lifespan.

How to make mini succulent wreaths?

FAQ About Succulent Wreaths

If you want to create mini succulent wreaths, then small succulents with roots are your best choice. Make sure that these succulents are around tube-stock sizes. Just take them off their pots, then trim their root balls until they get to a size that perfectly suits your intended wreath. The good thing about your decision to use these rooted succulents is that they require less time to establish the wreath than when you are using cuttings.

Should you water a wreath?

Yes, your succulent wreath needs sufficient water to survive. However, you should remember that since the wreath consists of succulents, the plants are capable of storing water. This means that you do not have to water them too frequently. You just have to replenish their water stores once the soil gets too dry.

How do you attach succulents to a wreath?

You can attach the succulents using pins, like floral pins or crafts clips. Just insert the pins so they will start holding the cuttings securely in place. Such pins or clips help hang succulent wreaths. The pins can keep the succulents attached securely to the wreath even when the cuttings start rooting along the stems.

How to make a heart-shaped succulent wreath?

To make a heart-shaped succulent wreath, you just have to follow the usual instructions in making one but you should use a wire wreath in the shape of a heart. Just line the sides of the heart wire wreath with moss. You should then use potting soil to fill up the center of the heart. Start arranging your succulents the way you want to.

Use your creativity when it comes to their arrangements, especially in terms of their spacing. Once done and the live succulents are already well-established, you can hang them in any spot you want.


Learning how to make a succulent wreath is indeed a great way to make the most out of your succulent collection. What’s great about deciding to make your own is that it lets you personalize the entire project. This means you can create the succulent wreath in such a way that it perfectly fits your style. It also saves you from spending money on pre-made ones that are quite expensive.