What Is a Succulent Christmas Tree

A succulent Christmas tree refers to a smaller version of the traditional Christmas tree. It combines plenty of tiny succulents arranged and formed into a tree. You can use the world’s best rare succulents for this specific arrangement.

Apart from being great for your own household decoration, the tree is also a fantastic gift for the holidays. This is especially true if you fill them with plenty of sparkly and charming Christmas decors and other types of aesthetically pleasing plants, like premium pink succulents.

Benefits of a Succulent Christmas Tree

Having a succulent Christmas tree provides so many benefits that growing rare succulents and other species will be much more enjoyable for you. Here are just some of the positive things you can enjoy from this tree:

Small Size

One prominent advantage of having a succulent Christmas tree is its small size. You can also find plenty of decorative tall succulents but when it comes to Christmas trees made of these plants, they are smaller compared to the usual ones that range from around 5 to 6 feet. Succulent Christmas trees are often around a foot or two tall only. There are even those that are a lot smaller than that. This makes it ideal if you only have limited space, like if you are living in a small home or apartment.

Minimal Watering Required

If you have an amazing cacti collection, why not make a Christmas tree out of it? What’s great about these succulents and cacti is that they do not need to be watered too frequently. You only have to water the plants occasionally as they are capable of surviving for a long period with only minimal water.

Low Maintenance

Compared to the traditional pine or fir tree, this Christmas tree made of succulents is lower in terms of maintenance. It is so low-maintenance that it suits everyone, even those who do not have a green thumb. Apart from not requiring too frequent watering, the majority of the succulents you can use for your Christmas tree also need indirect and low light only.

How Does a Succulent Christmas Tree Work

How Does a Succulent Christmas Tree Work

With the use of Haworthia succulent varieties and other great species of this plant, you can make your succulent Christmas tree work by keeping the holiday season alive. You can even make a tabletop one, which serves as a piece of décor the entire holiday season. You get the chance to make it work by displaying this tree on a mantel or making it serve as a substitute for your traditional holiday centerpiece.

Pros and Cons of a Succulent Christmas Tree


  • Small and compact, making them beautiful holiday decorations even in small spaces.
  • Does not require too frequent watering.
  • Minimal maintenance required.
  • Allows the use of different hues of succulents, making the Christmas tree look even more fantastic.
  • Available for purchase online, making them easily accessible if you intend to buy instead of making one yourself.


  • Some ready-made succulent Christmas trees are quite pricey.

Things You Need to Make a Succulent Christmas Tree

If you want to save money, then consider making a succulent Christmas tree on your own. It would be best if you are fond of planting Crassula succulents and other succulent species, so you can use them for the tree. The fabulous presence of black succulents can also make your Christmas tree more unique and pleasing to look at.

Sphagnum Moss 

Ideal for use on succulents, Sphagnum moss can prevent the plants from overly resting against the foam. This is crucial in preventing mold since foam can accumulate a lot of moisture.

Cone Topiary Frame

Ensure that the size is the same as that of the tree you wish to make. You may also use a conical frame based on chicken wire mesh.

Geotextile Fabric or Breathable Liner

Use this as lining on the insides of the cone frame.

Various Sized Succulent Cuttings

If you plan to create a 9-inch Christmas tree, then you will most likely need a minimum of thirty succulent cuttings. This does not necessarily have to come from thirty different plants. You can actually get a few cuttings from just one plant. For instance, since rose succulents like to grow in crowds, you can have two to three cuttings from them and use those in making the tree.


It is what you should fill with water so you can pre-soak the moss there.

Shallow Pot or Bowl

You may use this as an alternative to the bucket.

Succulent Potting Mix

The perfect homemade succulent soil or potting mix is also essential if you intend to join the pot trend when making your Christmas tree. It lets you build an amazing Christmas tree while ensuring that the succulents there remain healthy.

Things You Need to Make a Succulent Christmas Tree


You need a pair of scissors for any task in the Christmas tree creation process that requires cutting.

U-shaped Pins

Use these pins to keep the succulent cuttings secure to the moss.

Hot Glue Gun

This is necessary for attaching any additional ornament or decoration you wish to put in the tree.

Small Decorative Ornaments and Star

You can complete the look of your succulent Christmas tree with any decorative ornament that perfectly suits it, including a star.

How to Make a Succulent Christmas Tree

Step 1 – Fill a bucket with water

You’re doing this so you can soak the Sphagnum moss.

Step 2 – Line the conical frame with your preferred fabric

After lining it with fabric, you can squeeze out the moss to remove excess water. Stuff the moss in the cone. Let the cone stand then use the moss to line its sides, too.

Step 3 – Start planting the succulents

Do this on all corners of your chosen pot. Backfill it using porous potting soil. Go back to the fabric lining in the frame then use a pair of scissors to cut a slit in it.

Plant medium and large sizes of succulents along the frame. If you see gaps, then fill them with small-sized succulents. Pack moss between each succulent to ensure that the frame is fully covered.

Step 4 – Attach additional ornaments and decorations

You may want to put a star atop the tree and decorate it with lightweight ornaments. Doing so can make the tree look more festive.


How to Care for a Succulent Christmas Tree

Step 1 – Check the moss to determine if it needs watering

Note that the succulents may create a soggy mess fast because of fungal rot. This may develop because of excessive water. With that, you have to check the moss first to determine if it is indeed dry before watering it. Only provide sufficient water. It should be just enough to retain the freshness of the tree.

Step 2 – Put the tree in a sunny spot

It is also advisable to rotate it every few days. That way, all the cuttings will get exposed to the sun.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

If you have enough budget, then you can choose to just buy a succulent Christmas tree instead of dealing with the hassle of making one on your own. However, note that buying does not necessarily mean that what you will be getting is already of great quality. There are also low-quality ones. It would still be better to make your own as this will let you choose premium succulents and use them in your Christmas tree without spending excessively.

Do’s and Don’ts With a Succulent Christmas Tree


  • Water the moss every now and then. This should maintain the freshness of the tree. Avoid overwatering, though. Only water when the moss is completely dry.
  • Make your succulent tree look even better by adding small ornaments and a decorative star.
  • Use geotextile fabric, topiary frame, and soil when making the tree. These materials can keep your Christmas tree look fabulous the entire season without putting it at risk of not getting enough water.

Do’s and Don’ts With a Succulent Christmas Tree


  • Do not add water on the leaves of your succulents if your Christmas tree has a few rosettes. The reason is that rosettes tend to retain water within their cupped leaves, leading to fungal rot eventually.
  • Do not forget to prune or trim any damaged parts. Note that most of the succulents in the tree are incapable of repairing damaged leaves. With that, you have to prune or trim them at the first sign of damage. That way, you can prevent scarring or sunburns that may only cause your succulent Christmas tree to look unappealing.

FAQ About Succulent Christmas Tree

Where can I buy a succulent Christmas tree?

What’s great about a succulent Christmas tree is that it is easily accessible in case you want to just buy a ready-made one. In that case, you can buy them online. You can buy them from various online marketplaces and shops, like Etsy.

How many succulents does it take to make a Christmas tree?

You may need at least thirty cuttings from succulents (not necessarily just one cutting for each species) to make a Christmas tree from these plants.

How to keep a succulent Christmas tree alive?

You can keep your succulent Christmas tree alive by supplying them with just enough water (not too much and not too little). They also need proper and enough sunlight. Moreover, there are instances when you need to prune or trim their damaged parts.

How to water a succulent Christmas tree?

The best way to water a succulent Christmas tree is to spray its moss well when it gets dry. With that, you can expect the succulents to live and root within the moss. Avoid overwatering by touching the moss filling first to determine if the plants really need water.

How long do succulent Christmas trees last?

Generally, these Christmas trees only last around 10 to 14 days, specifically the entire holiday season. Just spray them with water when needed to keep them alive. Once the holidays are over, you can repot the succulents as individual plants. You can use them as home decors that will surely stay alive for a long time.


Making your own succulent Christmas tree and decorating your home with it can surely make your holidays more fun and delightful. The good thing about these Christmas trees is that you can use them even after the holiday season. Just get the succulent cuttings from the tree then integrate them into your other fun projects. You may also put the cuttings in well-draining succulent soil so they can continue thriving.